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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 04:34
Hospitals turn smarter, greener
Traditionally, the deciding factors of success for private and midsize hospitals were simple — location, location, and location. However, patients are becoming pickier and medical institutions more budget-conscious.
Medical Korea 2012
The third Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference concluded on Thursday with a panel discussion on the globalization of Korea’s healthcare services at COEX in Samgsung-dong, southern Seoul. The three-day event invited 37 professionals from 13 countries to discuss healthcare IT, medical tourism, and healthcare policy.
SciMedix commercialize MRI for cancer therapy
A Korean medical instrument company has become the first to commercialize an MRI device for radiation treatment planning for cancer patients. Jang Yong-ju, CEO of SciMedix, announced Sunday that the will go on sale in May.
Doctor‘s rebellion; KMA, health ministry poles apart over 2 policies
Without a doubt, the tension between the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korean Medical Association (KMA) is culminating this month.
Asan Medical Center performs 100 advance tumor removals
Asan Medical Center became the second in the world to perform 100 laparoscopic surgeries to remove pancreato-biliary tumor, according to a press release by the hospital, Tuesday.
Campaign on narcolepsy in Seoul
Medical associations held an awareness campaign for narcolepsy in Myeong-dong, Seoul, Thursday.
Wistful stories of homeland on canvas
Of late, the local art scene, exhibitions and auctions alike, is saturated with abstract works. “Contemporary Representational Paintings” at Gallery Hyundai in Jongno, Seoul offers a break with creations that reflect our national tragedy ¬_ the Korean War (1950-1953).
Keeping it simple, dark
Dark hues, clean
Traveling curator takes you around block
“He is the artist!” gasped Jang You-jung when the group of six walked into Arario Seoul, a gallery in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.
Skin brightening products for men
It’s been a while since cosmetic brands brought
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