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Wed, October 4, 2023 | 08:07
The Mission Impossible crew in Seoul
Only when he’s a hundred years old he will consider retiring from the Mission: Impossible series, Tom Cruise, 49, said at a press conference in Yongsan, Seoul, Friday.
’Think Beyond Yourself’and#8212; lawmaker urges
When a lawmaker publishes a book, the reasonable expectation is that the book will be on politics. Rep. Park Jin, a three-term lawmaker of the Grand National Party, is no stranger to the realm outside politics. He has written three books and one of them was on his diet regime.
’America’s Next Top Model’ producer in Korea
“Congratulations. You are still in the running to become America’s next top model.” Tyra Banks has been delivering the fate of aspiring models in America’s Next Top Model, a reality show, since the first season aired in 2003.
’Live from Seoul, It’s Saturday Night!’
Legendary American sketch comedy and ...
Royal book finder dies in Paris
Park Byeong-sen, a Korean-born French scholar who contributed to the return of Korea's ancient royal books from France died in a Paris hospital, Tuesday. She was 83.
Makeovers to be normal, not beautiful
The sheer number of advertisements for plastic surgery wallpapering any subway station in Seoul should speak for the pressure women are under about their looks.
Documentary to explain why people study math
The Education Broadcasting System (EBS) will broadcast “Math in Civilization,” a five-episode documentary that follows the history of mathematics through six countries starting Dec. 19.
German acknowledged for translating Korean novels
Heidrun Kang, 72, the recipient of this year’s Daesan Literature Award for translating Kim Hoon’s “The Song of the Sword” into German with Ahn So-hyeon, 51, started translating Korean literature quite late. At the STAR Korea AG office, a technical translation agency, in Mapo-gu, Seoul, where she serves as a CEO, Kang told The Korea Times her long pondered thoughts on Korean c...
Chefs explore local tastes with Edward Kwon
Six star chefs from around the globe are in Korea to show off their skills using Korean ingredients for charity gala dinner events, “Taste of Star Chefs,” starting today and organized by Edward Kwon, a Korean celebrity chef.
Singer Kim will marry next month
Kim Tae-woo, 30, a member of g.o.d., one of the original K-pop boy bands, is marrying Kim Ye-ri 29, a researcher, at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, on Dec. 26. The couple is also expecting a baby next May according to the agency Kim Tae-woo founded early this year, Soulshop Entertainment.
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