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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 04:08
Menswear designers who dressed Girl’s Generation
Soon after nine-member Girl’s Generation’s video of “The Boys” was released in October, the phones of menswear brand Sneezer Parade (SNPR) started ringing.
Warm, heartfelt gift ideas for Christmas
Christmas is a perfect time
Get holiday spirit with beats
One of the joys of Christmas season is listening to the renditions of classic holiday songs as well as new beats that carry on the spirit by your favorite artists.
2NE1 named MTV Iggy’s Best New Band
Korean girl group 2NE1, named the Best New Band in the World by MTV Iggy on Nov. 10, headlined the “Best New Band in the World Concert” at the Best Buy Theater in New York City, Monday.
Create recipe to dine with Super Junior
The Korean Food Foundation and Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are holding a Korean recipe contest “Share your Delicious Secret with Super Junior” through the end of December.
See psychiatrist before undergoing plastic surgery
Koreans’ appetite for plastic surgery is growing rapidly. In pursuit of better appearances, they are willing to go under the knife. But aren’t they too bold or too reckless, given the risks involved? Experts advise them to visit and consult a psychiatrist first.
International Conference for Arirang
What does “Arirang,” a traditional Korean song loaded with sentiments unique to Korean history, mean to those outside the country?
Lee Juno proposes on air
Lee Juno, 44, of the legendary band Seo Taiji and the Boys proposed to his girlfriend Park Mi-ro, 21, during the filming of the TV program “Comeback Show Top 10” at Lotte World in Jamsil, Tuesday.
Putting a spin on local cocktail culture
Koreans are hardcore drinkers, to say the least, and for the imbibing public, cocktails are regarded as expensive
Garden artist presents DMZ
GWANGJU — Hwang Ji-hae, an environmental artist, said that if she were an alien looking at the Earth to find the most beautiful place, she would pick the
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