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Sat, September 30, 2023 | 14:27
Korean-American woman gains tenure at Harvard
A Korean-American woman has become the first tenured Asian-American female law professor of Harvard University. The Harvard Crimson, daily newspaper of the university, said Harvard faculty voted to grant tenure to Jeannie Suk, a law professor, last month, and was immediately approved by the school.
I try to create positive energy in classroom
Abby Thomas noted that Indian teachers are competitive and as qualified as current native English teachers.
Indian teaches English at Korean school
WANJU, North Jeolla ― For many Koreans, English is a language that only those from Western countries can teach. However, a small private school in North Jeolla Province has challenged this prejudice by inviting the first-ever Indian English teacher here last September.
Sheraton Walkerhill ready for G20 Business Summit
Sheraton Grande Walkerhill is ready to greet international leaders from around the globe for the G20 Business Summit, taking place Nov. 10 to 11.
Over 500,000 people reply to online etiqutte campaign
The “Sunfull” Campaign began as a preventive measure to combat cyber bullying by removing anonymous negative comments on online message boards and to encourage people to instead post positive ones. Since it began in May 2007, the Sunfull Movement Campaign Office said Sunday the number of “Sunfull” or positive messages, posted on its website ( exceeded 500,000 as of Nov. 1.
Foreign school info website opens
A website ( has been opened to provide comprehensive information on all international schools across the country for parents and students, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said Friday.
Soongsil University revokes notices of success from over 10,000 candidates
Soongsil University, a private school in Seoul, has withdrawn successful admission notifications for more than 10,000 applicants, causing a huge stir.
Scholars will explore new paradigm of Body and Civilization
Understanding how the body works, could help people better understand the universe. However, many have so far focused only on social systems and ideology, neglecting reflecting on our body and global humanity.
Labor dispute settled at Kiryung Electronics
The labor union of Kiryung Electronics has agreed with management to settle disputes over the employment status of 10 non-permanent workers, producing an agreement after almost six years.
Most part-time teen workers exploited
Half of teenagers are paid less than the minimum wage at their part-time jobs, a government survey showed Monday.
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