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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 03:51
Private schools loaded with corruption
Fairness has become a key word for the second half of the Lee Myung-bak administration, which is calling for adopting social responsibility and higher ethical standards for Korea to become an advanced nation.
[Exclusive]Website to provide info on foreign schools
The government will establish a website to provide key information on all foreign schools here at the end of October.
Teacher screening lax at foreign schools
Even if you did not major in math, you can teach the subject at an international school in Korea as long as your mother tongue is English. If you don’t have a teaching license and want a teaching job at foreign schools here, the only requirement set by Korean immigration rules is the experience of teaching for two years whether it be at a private cram school or public school.
High school teachers given physical punishment
Corporal punishment inflicted on unruly teachers in front of students? This is what really happened at a high school in Gyeonggi Province.
Working moms unimpressed by maternity leave subsidies
From next year, working moms with relatively high salaries will be able to get up to 1 million won a month during their maternity leave, as part of measures pursued by the government to boost the country’s birthrate.
[Exclusive] Taxpayers pay for foreign schools, for what?
A large basement parking lot is built under the main building of Dulwich College Seoul that opened this month on a site worth $30 million in Seocho-gu, southern Seoul.
[Exclusive]Foreign schools waver between for-profit, non-profit
The Korea International School (KIS), with two campuses in Gyeonggi and Seoul, is practically run by the profit-oriented YBM-Sisa, one of the country’s largest English language institute chains.
KU President honored at rival school
Korea University (KU) President Lee Ki-su received an honorary doctorate degree in education, Tuesday, from Yonsei University. KU said its rival university gave the degree in order to award Lee for his devotion to the academic development and improvement of universities in Korea.
Chadwick opens Songdo campus
The renowned American Chadwick School, finally became the one to open the first-ever international institute in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.
[Exclusive] Foreign schools free from financial audit
Major foreign schools have accumulated millions of dollars in reserves from tuition fees every year, according to their financial statements.