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Wed, March 29, 2023 | 00:48
Apple Music struggles in Korea
Apple Music got off to a bad start in Korea after the music-streaming service started service here on Aug. 5, which is ominous news for the global tech giant.
Did Google drop its 'don't-be-evil' philosophy?
For Google, a monopoly may not seem inherently evil or wrong. Otherwise, watchers ask why the search giant, famous for its corporate mottos of “Don’t be evil” and “Do the right thing,” is being investigated for antitrust activities around the world.
Businesses thrown into confusion over anti-corruption law
For businesspeople, it is crucial to build good relationships with the media and government. That is especially the case in Korea where the two can exert great influence across industries.
Anti-graft act unnerving businesses
The country’s business circles expressed concerns on the adverse impact of the anti-graft act on the overall economy, which passed the final test of the Constitutional Court review Thursday with its implementation two months ago.
Stem cell research loses footing in Korea
The Park Geun-hye administration gave the green light last week to stem cell studies using human eggs for the first time since its inauguration in early 2013, but the step has seemingly failed to make local scientists happy.
Virtual reality sports gain steam
Since its 15th century origin in Scotland, golf has required 18 holes outdoors and a huge expanse of grass. But the time-honored definition changes with the advent of simulators.
Experts mixed about real estate boom
All economic indices surrounding Korea Inc. seem to go downward with the sole exception of the real estate market. The question is whether apartment prices will keep rising despite the worsening economy.
Brexit feared to bring long-term real shock
Britain’s vote to quit the European Union is not likely to cause a global financial crisis similar to the 2008 turmoil but it would negatively affect the real economy for a long time, experts said Friday.
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