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Wed, March 29, 2023 | 00:36
Samsung Electronics shows resilience
Samsung Electronics is expected to rack up a handsome profit of almost 9 trillion won over the fourth quarter, demonstrating a major turnaround from the disappointing third quarter performance due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.
Apple struck by double blows
Apple faces two severe blows this week as reports sprang up that batteries on some of its iPhone 6 devices exploded or did not function properly by abruptly shutting down despite having remaining battery life.
Samsung taps into new businesses
Samsung Electronics, the country’s largest company by any measure, attempts to maintain its status by briskly tapping into new businesses such as connected cars and pharmaceuticals.
SK Telecom takes lead in 5G competition
SK Telecom, the country’s leading mobile telephone service provider, strives to take the driver’s seat in the promising fifth-generation (5G) network to continue its dominance in the domestic mobile market.
Samsung acquires Harman for $8 bil.
Samsung Electronics has decided to buy Harman International Industries, a U.S. automotive part supplier for $8 billion, in a bid to secure a next-generation growth engine.
Dongwha brings global employees together
Dongwha Group brought hundreds of its employees from around the world to Korea’s historic city of Gyeongju for the Global Dongwha Festival, Sept. 9 and 10.
UN inspector praises Samsung in dealing with alleged victims
"The special rapporteur sincerely commends Samsung Electronics for its spirit of cooperation, openness and continuing dialogue with him,” Tuncak said. “He acknowledges internal changes by Samsung Electronics and steps taken to realize the right of former workers to an effective remedy.”
UN inspector praises Samsung in handling of workplace health claims
A U.N. inspector on risky substances praised Samsung Electronics in dealing with the alleged victims of the tech giant’s use of harmful chemicals in a report to the Human Rights Council Sept. 13 in Geneva.
Celltrion's cash flow comes under doubt
Celltrion has been a darling of the Seoul bourse as the biosimilar drug maker’s share price has jumped around five fold since 2010 so as to become the largest-capitalized corporation on the country’s tech-heavy KOSDAQ.
Buddhist monk returns to secular world
In 2013, Buddhist monk Hye Moon hired a woman to work in his office, which was carrying out a campaign to get Korean cultural assets, mostly taken out of the nation during Japanese colonial rule (1910-45) and the Korean War (1950-53), returned.
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