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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 21:32
Death toll reaches 28
There were no new survivors from the sunken ferry Sewol, Friday. Only bodies were recovered. Most of them had lifejackets on and are believed to have been swept out of the capsized vessel by the strong currents. Fear heightened that some corpses may never be found. Late Friday, the government corrected the number of passengers
Kept in the dark
JINDO - At around midnight Thursday, a woman whose child was missing sat by the edge of the Paengmok port, gazing into the darkness.
Nation praying for a miracle
JINDO - The nation was hoping against hope Thursday that more survivors from the sunken ferry Sewol would be found.
Mobile phone users' info easily given out for probe
The Human Rights Commission recommended the government Wednesday strengthen regulations on prosecutors and police obtaining mobile phone users’ personal information and call records.
290 missing; six dead
Two hundred and eighty four people remained unaccounted for and four were confirmed dead after a ferry apparently hit a submerged rock and capsized off the southwest coast Wednesday morning. The Korea Coast Guard said that 174 passengers were rescued as of 10:00 p.m. Fifty-five were being treated at nearby hospitals, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarter...
Travel advisories key to safe overseas trips
It’s important to observe travel advisories issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
Spy master exonerated
A special prosecution team confirmed Monday that a number of spy agency officials fabricated evidence to frame Yu Woo-sung, a former Seoul government official who posed as a North Korean defector, for espionage.
Special law to have limits in preventing child abuse
Prison sentences handed to two women who fatally beat their stepdaughters to death finally exposed some of the flaws in the nation’s criminal law.
Child abuse rulings met with outrage
Public outrage was triggered Friday by lighter-than-expected jail terms given to two women who were convicted of beating their stepdaughters to death.
Flea markets booming
If you find old clothes, toys or small home appliances during your spring cleaning, don’t throw them away. Take them to a flea market.
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