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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 18:16
For-profit hospital units eyed
Hospitals will be allowed to set up for-profit subsidiaries for foreign patients in an effort to promote medical tourism, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said Tuesday.
Murder trial for Sewol crewmen begins
The trial of 15 crewmembers of the sunken ferry Sewol, charged with murder and other accusations, began Tuesday at the Gwangju District Court.
Mastering play date 101
I promised I'd follow up on the twins’ first official play date. Well, it turns out, there isn't all that much to share. I don't know if it's my girls, the fact that they're twins and that they tend to come off a little aggressive at first, but the other girls and boys in the play group seemed way too standoffish.
Injury-free knees and ankles the key to victory in Brazil
The 20th FIFA World Cup, this summer’s biggest event, will begin with begin on Jun 12. I am sure many of us are excited and ready for cheers and tears. On June 18, Korea will play Russia. We all hope for our victory, but more importantly we want everyone to remain uninjured.
Ideological war looms over classroom
Liberal minded educators, who swept 13 out of 17 regional education offices in the recent local elections, are set to push their social equality oriented agenda, likely setting off an ideological war in and outside the classroom.
'Yoo contacted 4 embassies for asylum'
Yoo Byung-eun, fugitive and owner of the sunken ferry Sewol, has reportedly contacted numerous embassies in Seoul, including those of France, Canada, the Czech Republic and the Philippines, to seek political asylum.
Education policy set to go further to left
Liberal-minded candidates swept 13 out of 17 city and provincial education chief posts at stake in the June 4 local elections.This represents a remarkable development from six liberal educators who won four years ago, and could signify a significant step away from the right in education policy. Already, many cities and provinces have been in upheaval over ideological orientat...
Intricacies of polls frustrate voters
A Kwon, a 48-year-old resident of Seocho-gu, southern Seoul, hunkered down in front of a senior citizens’ center and examined six election posters plastered on the wall.
Yoo denied political asylum
Yoo Byung-eun, the owner of the sunken ferry Sewol who is currently on the run, sought political asylum at an embassy in Seoul last week but his request was rejected, the prosecution said Tuesday.
Korean energy firm wins suit against Kazakhstan company
A Korean energy firm has won a lawsuit against its estranged Kazakhstan business partner over a failed joint oil development project.
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