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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 13:22
Toast and cup of Americano please!
The ritual of eating fried chicken and drinking beer while watching a football game isn’t apparently valid in this year’s World Cup in Brazil.
Health insurance premiums to rise again
The government is expected to increase premiums next year for subscribers to the public health insurance program for the third straight year.
Supreme Court may be divided into two
The Supreme Court is deliberating over whether to divide its functions by setting up a new court that would mainly deal with “general” appeal cases from lower courts.
'Yoo's second son masterminded embezzlement scheme'
Some of Yoo Byung-eun’s close aides, currently on trial for embezzlement and breach of trust, said Monday that they regularly paid Yoo and his family at the behest of Yoo’s second son, Hyuk-kee, and Kim Pil-bae, the former head of Moonjin Media.
Sex trade linked to Japan clampdown on working holiday visas
Japan has virtually stopped issuing working holiday visas to Korean women 26 and over, possibly over concerns that some are working in brothels.
All Koreans on Sakhalin to return by next year
All Koreans living on Sakhalin since they were forcefully moved there during the Japanese colonial era will be able to return and settle in Korea permanently by next year, officials said Friday.
Religious cult divided over Yoo
As the prosecution and police intensify their manhunt for Yoo Byung-eun, discord among followers of his religious cult, the Salvation Sect, is showing signs of increasing.
Drinking may be banned on campus
The Ministry of Health and Welfare is pushing to ban drinking and selling alcohol in universities and “public places” again after a failed attempt about two years ago.
Police move into Geumsuwon
Law enforcement authorities raided Geumsuwon, a stronghold of the Salvation Sect, Wednesday, to arrest Yoo Byung-eun’s key aides, who are suspected of helping the cult leader hide out. Some 4,000 police officers and prosecutors entered the 230,000 square-meter compound at 8:13 a.m. and took into custody five cult followers - three on a wanted list - on suspicion of assisting ...
Anti-smoking ads to be less graphic
Television stations have rejected anti-smoking ads with graphic content at the level of those broadcast in Australia.
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