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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 11:18
Intelligence agency's covert officer arrested
A National Intelligence Agency (NIS) covert operations officer, known as “Mr. Kim,” was arrested Wednesday by prosecutors on suspicion of being involved in fabricating a document used as evidence during an espionage trial.
Arrest warrant sought for intelligence officer
A prosecution task force sought an arrest warrant for a covert operations officer of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Monday, on suspicion of involvement in the fabrication of a document used in an espionage case.
Meteorites' ownership remains uncertain
To whom do two meteorites that fell to Earth and landed on a local farm belong?
Starting career in law in US
Since the global financial crisis in 2008, law school grads have found it tougher to get a job as an attorney in the already competitive U.S. job market.
Pastor arranges funerals for migrant workers
Not all migrant workers who come to Korea alone and die from an accident or illness have someone who will contact their family, settle any disputes about the cause of the death and arrange their funeral.
Arrest warrant filed for spy agency informant
Prosecutors sought an arrest warrant for a key suspect Friday as part of investigations into the alleged fabrication of documents presented as evidence in an espionage case.
Veteran judge named top communications official
President Park Geun-hye nominated Choi Sung-joon, 57, a veteran judge at the Seoul High Court, as chief of the Korea Communications Commission, the broadcasting and telecommunications regulator, Cheong Wa Dae said Friday.
Free spending tourists will receive 5-year visa
Big-spending Chinese and Southeast Asian tourists will be able to receive multiple-entry visas valid for five years starting Monday, the Ministry of Justice said Thursday.
Consul with NIS links summoned
The prosecution summoned and questioned a National Intelligence Service (NIS) officer Thursday who served in a Korean consulate in China, regarding the alleged fabrication of three documents presented as evidence in an espionage case.
NIS informant expected to face arrest
The prosecution will seek an arrest warrant for a man, identified as Kim, who allegedly gave fabricated documents to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) in an espionage case.