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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 17:37
NIS agent, collaborator indicted in spy scandal
Prosecutors indicted a National Intelligence Service (NIS) covert operations officer and his civilian collaborator, Monday, for fabricating evidence in an espionage case.
Provincial judges under attack
The Supreme Court was reviewing Monday the resignation of the chief of the Gwangju District Court over the 500-million-won-a-day “emperor’s labor” scandal amid public uproar about cronyism between the provincial judiciary and corrupt tycoons.
Filming draws pros, cons; no traffic jam
Filming of scenes for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Sunday, excited some Seoul residents but triggered resentment in others.
Asiana's first A380 unveiled in Hamburg
HAMBURG, Germany - Asiana Airlines on Wednesday unveiled the first of six new Airbus A380 planes the carrier will receive over the next three years at the aircraft manufacturer’s plant.
NIS officer in spy scandal attempts to kill himself
A veteran National Intelligence Service (NIS) officer attempted suicide Saturday after he was questioned by the prosecution over alleged involvement in fabricating documents used as evidence against a man accused of spying for North Korea.
Maestro conductor in legal dispute with luxury resort
Seoul Philharmonic music director Chung Myung-whun sued the developer of Phoenix Island, a luxury resort on Jeju Island in August, asking for his 2.24-billion-won ($2.08 million) membership fee to be returned.
CNK head placed in detention on arrival
The CEO of diamond-mine developer CNK International suspected of manipulating stock prices was detained by prosecutors Sunday when he arrived in Korea after spending two years abroad.
False bomb alarms raise tension
Over the past week, two reports of suitcases suspected of containing explosives alarmed the capital. Both carriers turned out to be full of clothes, left behind by mistake.
Shift to merit-based pay unlikely
The latest government guideline on wage structure reforms is expected to influence the way companies and labor unions negotiate wages this spring.
High school students abuse ADHD drugs
In a Feb. 5 post in the online community, “,” a young man confessed to taking Penid, a prescription drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), to help him focus on test preparations in recent years. The confession is part of growing evidence that captures the gravity of the abuse of methylphenidate, a substance in ADHD drugs, by people who don’t hav...
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