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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 20:49
Discipline dilemma: time-out vs. time-in
By Jane Han My throat has been itchy this whole week.No, it’s not a cold.It’s because I’ve had to raise my voice at my twins one too many times.Up until six months ago, I would’ve never imagined my girls as who they are now and me as who I am now.Ellen is usually spotted climbing random things ― dining table, bookcase, TV stand, refrigerator ...
Heat can be dangerous for babies
So it's true, when you have kids, you don't know what's next. I'm talking about last Friday. One minute, I was enjoying a moment of peace and sense of accomplishment with all my girls down for their regular nap.
Letter to twins on 2nd birthday
Girls, what a year it's been for us. I can't believe it's already been two years since I've been your mom and you've been my daughters.
Columbia student creates K-pop group in NYC
Getting tired of SHINee, B1A4 and all those other pretty-faced K-pop boy bands? Then meet EXP, the first-ever K-pop group born out of New York City.
Surviving long summer with toddlers
Before I became a mom, I wondered why parents complained about long summers. What's better than spending those warm summer days doing all kinds of cool stuff with your lovely little ones?
Tips to power through jetlag with kids
Jetlag is never fun, so imagine fighting it with three young kiddos. Yes, brutal is the word. I've already been through this a few times with my twins and it was definitely no cakewalk, so I knew factoring in another five-month-old infant couldn't make things any easier.
US experts call for more openness
DALLAS - The deadly Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is continuing to spread in Korea and so too is public concern, as the government remains silent on naming hospitals providing treatment for infected patients. Amid escalating fears, should the authorities disclose more information?
Feeding, sleeping biggest trouble for parents
I get a surprising number of e-mails from mom and dad readers every week. And it's amazing how quickly we bond over discussions about baby gear and feeding schedules. A few e-mails back and forth, and I already feel like we go way back.
A moment of peace at baby's 100th day
As I sit in from of my laptop to get started on this week's column, for the first time in months, I'm having trouble coming up with a topic to write on. With two toddlers and an infant, I usually have more than enough to choose from.
The twins' first day of preschool
If you've been following this column, you know well that I've been pretty much all about potty training for the past month. Well, here's something new - the twins have started preschool. Yes, school. Sound abrupt, doesn't it? It was abrupt.
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