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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 20:05
What MissyUSA is up to
NEW YORK - From newspaper ads to simultaneous rallies in all 50 states across America, the controversial post-Sewol efforts planned and orchestrated by Korean ``ajumma,’’ or married housewives, in the U.S. seem to be taking people by surprise for their speed and organization. But they’re not done yet.
Sewol ad to run in Washington Post
NEW YORK - Less than a week after a full-page Sewol ad in the New York Times sparked massive debate in Korea and the U.S., another ad condemning the government of President Park Geun-hye was set to print in the Washington Post Friday.
Can Korean win suit against McDonald's?
NEW YORK - McDonald’s and Koreans are going at it again. Only a few months after the seating feud in Queens, another brouhaha broke out at a hamburger joint just down the street. This time, it’s a $10 million conflict.
NYT ad on Sewol stirs dispute
NEW YORK - Another New York Times ad is stirring controversy. But this time, it’s not about bibimbap, bulgogi or Dokdo. It’s about the sunken ferry Sewol.
Koreans in US mourn Sewol victims
NEW YORK - Korean expatriates from Los Angeles to New York have created temporary memorials in major cities across the U.S. as funerals for Sewol victims are being held back home and the exhausting search operation enters its third week.
Distance doesn't dull sadness for Korean-Americans
NEW YORK - As Korea is in mourning in the wake of the ferry disaster, so are Koreans overseas as they feel just as heartbroken, bitter and angry over the lost young lives and the government’s handling of the crisis.
About food trucks
NEW YORK - Food trucks are finally legal in Korea, a country that already has a huge street food culture. Does that mean the new niche industry is going to get rolling easily? Not quite, experts say, if businesses try to stuff people with the same old snacks.
New tax worries some Koreans in US
Last week, a major news bomb was dropped on the Korean community in the U.S.
'Bulgogi' ad makes Choo laughingstock
NEW YORK - Yet another Korea PR fail. This time, Choo Shin-soo’s bulgogi ad in The New York Times is getting chewed out.
Dokdo, bibimbap ads remain unpaid
NEW YORK - It’s no longer surprising to see Dokdo, “comfort women” and other politically-charged issues in Korea pop up in ads on Times Square billboards. But now, we may want to start wondering: Have they been paid for?