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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 16:57
Legal marijuana in US a 'culture shock' for Koreans
DALLAS - Hwang Yon-sook, 47, a Colorado mom of a high schooler, was not happy when her son came home from school with leftover brownies - not just plain brownies, but chocolate treats spiked with marijuana.
US schools fight `boundary hoppers'
DALLAS - As back-to-school season arrives in the United States, school districts popular among Koreans are on high alert as authorities start to clamp down on “boundary hopping,” an illegal trick where parents fake home addresses to send their children to better schools.
Overseas Koreans join Sewol hunger strike
NEW YORK - As the grieving father of a teenage Sewol victim continues his now life-threatening hunger strike, having passed the 40-day mark, hundreds of Koreans living overseas have joined him.
Koreans fearful as Ferguson riot escalates
NEW YORK - Korean residents in the embattled Missouri city of Ferguson are beginning to feel a direct threat in their everyday lives as looting and violence intensify in a neighborhood with nearly two dozen Korean businesses. Fresh tension erupted Sunday night into Monday morning, forcing Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to call in the National Guard to help restore order in the city ...
Is there perfect nanny?
So it turns out, being pregnant and running after two little toddlers isn't an easy job. It can be done, but it is just very tough on mom and the babies, all three of them. It was time to find some help. After parting with my previous nanny, who was with us for more than a year, I wanted to be on my own. Help is always great, but it's much more costly here than in Korea and, ...
Food: everyday challenge for mom
These days, when I'm not thinking about what to cook, I'm thinking about what to order for take-out. And when I'm not thinking about getting take-out, I'm thinking about what to order for delivery.
Entering second trimester, again
So let’s talk about this third baby. I love babies. I’ve always dreamed of a family with three kids. And even amid the craziness of raising twin toddlers, I imagined and planned to have a third baby - someday.
Celebrating baby's first birthday
This past weekend, my twin girls turned one. As we get older, birthdays don't mean as much, but I think we can all agree that first birthdays are pretty darn special for both baby and parents.
Can grandparents give too much love?
There is one event I've been anticipating and counting down to since spring - the month-long grandparents' visit from Korea. Not my grandparents, but the twins’ grandparents. So yes, that would make them my parents. It’s funny how I have to remind myself these days that they’re my parents. I find my mom and dad in the role of grandparents so much more that I sometimes forget ...
Are twins ready for play dates?
I knew play dates were eventually going to become a part of life for me and my girls, but not anytime soon. I mean, it hasn’t been long since Babies A and B barely even started recognizing each other, so how can they possibly interact with a third baby? Well, they proved me wrong this past weekend.
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