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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 21:03
World grows smaller for boy band CNBLUE
Since their 2009 debut ...
Literary masterpiece translated into Englsih, Russian
“The Taeback Mountains,” Jo Jung-rae’s 1995 masterpiece and one of the classics of contemporary Korean literature is going to be published in English and Russian.
‘Battleship‘: that‘s Hollywood entertainment!
Some movies are so bad they can end up being a lot of fun. “Battleship,” released this past weekend in Korea ...
Jell toasts 20th anniversary
To the longtime expatriates of Seoul, the name “Jell” means something special.
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The Scent, Doomsday Book, Ways to Live Forever, Battleship, A Better Life...
‘Scent‘ pays comic homage to ‘Basic Instinct‘
It is a well-known fact that raising funds for a film is a tricky process, with investors asking for a guarantee of some kind of success at the box office.
Best Pizzas in Seoul
There was a time when getting a decent pizza — Italian or American — in Seoul was impossible. Not anymore.
Seoul Olympic Stadium to host world‘s best DJs
Four of the world’s best DJs are slated to spin beats in Seoul as part of a world-famous festival in August.
Sports flick ‘As One‘ targets patriots
It was the beginning of 1991, when the South and North Korean governments made an unprecedented attempt to warm relations by fusing their national sports teams together. After a couple of months, the unified Korean table tennis team broke the Chinese stranglehold on the highest podium of the world championships.
Artists seek non-gallery space
Popular interest in art is booming, with lines forming outside museums and exhibitions drawing record numbers in Seoul.
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