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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 22:00
Fassbender steals fire from 'Prometheus'
A lot of people will expect to enjoy a bona fide prequel to the 1979 classic “Alien” when they head to movie theaters for “Prometheus,” which opened Tuesday evening. However, they will not get one.
L'Espoir on mission to spread French bistro tradition
The familiar myth that nine out of 10 restaurants go out of business within a year may not be accurate, yet it is no surprise that selling food, drinks and providing related services is not an easy affair.
'No one can act against self-interest'
Its characters may don the royal garb of centuries ago, but “The Concubine,” released today, is a thinly-veiled critique of modern Korean society, according to director Kim Dai-seung.
Insider leaked big-hit film ahead of release: police
Twelve people suspected of being behind the recent leak of one of the year’s top films have been apprehended, the police announced Thursday.
Mraz sees love in letters, sounds, in all things
His rhymes and breezy love songs may not be to everyone’s liking, but most Koreans cannot seem to get enough of the American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz.
Reconsider, K-pop skeptics!
Critics may have downplayed the phenomenal spread of Korean pop music overseas, but this uncanny story of five-member girl group 4minute makes a strong counterargument.
Girl power fuels 4minute
Even from the first note of their debut single, it is easy to tell: 4minute is not just another girl group. \The sounds and words are wild and free — uninhibited — a rarity in an industry that prefers to keep all material fine-tuned for maximum listener friendliness. Since their debut in June 2009, the five member group has conspicuously gone against the gr...
Sixty-three little-known photos of one of the
Jackie O’s Capri: Sixty-three little-known photos of one of the 20th century’s storied icons, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, are on display at Seoul Auction’s Gangnam gallery in the Horim Art Center in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul. Sponsored by Italian leather goods company Tod’s, the exhibition presents images captured by photographer Settimio Garritano that show the former first...
'Why we debase ourselves with money?'
Michael Sandel, Harvard professor, philosopher and author of international bestseller “Justice” attempts to provide one of the most convincing arguments against assigning economic value to every facet of life in his latest book.
'Snow White': no fairy tale for actors, audience
Building an action fantasy around a fairy tale is no easy task. And the creative team behind the overhyped “Snow White and the Huntsman” tried to do it with a lot of fantasy but little action.
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