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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 12:45
'Suck Up Project' pokes fun at corporate Korea
After a rather quiet weekend without any strong releases, this week sees major Korean efforts vying for the box office throne. Among them, it appears only “Suck Up Project” by Jung Seung-koo has any chance of achieving that feat.
Star on the rise
You cannot help but be struck by her pint-sized figure when you first see the Korean-born American soprano Kathleen Kim. But her stage presence is everything but small.
Expat brings edgy DJs
Seoul has established itself as a must-visit destination for the world’s most famous DJs, with thousands or even tens of thousands showing up for the industry’s hottest names. The world’s largest electronic music festivals such as Sensation and the Ultra Music Festival will make their respective debuts in the Korean capital next month and in August.
Gay-themed 'Weddings' picks fun over logic
Whether he likes it or not, the films of KimJho Gwang-soo have come to embody more than just entertainment.
Restaurant gone rogue
Management courses say never do business with family or friends, especially in equal partnerships.
Acting, powerful story save ‘Stoning’
Some stories are so shocking they need little to no embellishment for the silver screen. Such is the case for “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” the 2008 film by Iranian-American director Cyrus Nowrasteh that opened in selected theaters here this week.
'Hottest' to artist: evolution of 2PM
Dancing boy bands are a common feature in K-pop, but when it comes to fan loyalty, 2PM has few rivals.
Mraz in top shape at Rainbow fest; logistics rob audience
Most of the 20,000 people attending the Rainbow
Juniel tries to make girl rock mark on K-pop scene
Can a teen girl rocker make a dent on the music scene dominated by dance pop troupes? Nineteen-year-old Juniel thinks so.
Mayer find 'own authentic self' in new album
Few recording artists today can match the level of commercial success and critical acclaim John Mayer has achieved over the last decade. His latest studio album “Born and Raised” topped Billboard as well as several other charts worldwide when it was released on May 22 to rave reviews.
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