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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 00:58
Animation festival to open next week, offering both light, heavy
Cartoons and animations hold a special place in every child’s heart, and an event next week will give children and young-hearted adults an opportunity to stretch their imaginations through some of the world’s finest works.
Great music, lights, yet lacking atmosphere
Idiotape, self-described as an “electronic shoegazing band,” are arguably today’s hottest and most creative non-mainstream music act in the country. (Shoegazing refers to virtual non-movement by the band and the likewise effect on the audience.)
Civil servant meets indie band in 'Excited'
A recent poll showed that the top career pick among Korean elementary school students was civil servant, most likely reflecting their parents stressing economic stability.
Rocking tectonic shift
Where there is something hot, Koreans flock to it.
Japan fans pay tribute to late Park Yong-ha
Thousands of Japanese fans of the late entertainer Park Yong-ha marked the two-year anniversary of his death with memorials in Tokyo and Seoul.
Super Junior releases 'Sexy, Free & Single'
Korean boy group Super Junior will return to the local stage with a new album next week.
See MBLAQ in action
It is easy to be cynical about K-pop’s influence unless you have seen it in action.
Together or separate, MBLAQ pack oomph
Watching MBLAQ, it is difficult to believe that they have only been performing together for a little over two years.
Cinemas go off beaten path for summer
Mega-budget blockbusters and horror films tend to get all the attention in the summer but those looking for something less mainstream should not feel slighted.
Where to put your money post-recession
Anyone looking to invest in the emerging markets, pay attention: they are no longer the surefire jackpots, says this compelling book.
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