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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 18:27
2NE1 triumph in year's most thrilling concert
The K-pop girl group 2NE1 are often called Korea’s TLC. In Sunday’s concert, however, the four Korean girls showed not only can they match America’s hottest female act of the ’90s but even better them onstage.
Throwing cold water on Korea’s American dream
To most Koreans, history is boring. It is a subject that needs to be mastered for exams
'Actor and director are like husband and wife'
Unlike in Hollywood, there are few full-time screenwriters left in Korean cinema. Successful ones have moved to more lucrative TV dramas and soap operas, and movies are now written and brought to life by the hands of the director.
In defense of ‘community-driven development’
Koreans, especially those aged 50 and above, love to tell the story of the country’s astonishing rise to economic prosperity that we see today. But who would be better-informed to do it than a lifetime civil servant at the movement’s core?
Horror takes stage as PiFan opens
Horror films used to be the staple of the summer cinema season, with local fans rushing to theaters for a chilling experience. But that trend has waned considerably.
Decaying town eyes artful comeback
JANGHANG — The vacation traffic jams clogged up the main freeways out of Seoul last Saturday. But as this reporter’s car approached the smallish seaside town, only a few other cars were in sight, the promotional flags attached to lampposts outnumbering the vehicles on the road.
Film tones down Garcia Marquez 'Whores'
It is obvious why Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s works inspire filmmakers to dream. Troubled protagonists, raw emotions and vivid imagery make his books seem perfect for adaptation.
Star-studded 'Thieves' takes different route from 'Ocean'
A bunch of thieves collaborating to steal a rare diamond from the gambling capital of the world? Sounds suspiciously like Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s series.
Get your dose of 2NE1
If any girl group has a chance of global success, 2NE1 should be one.
2NE1 ― pushing boundaries, defying expectations
From day one, K-pop foursome 2NE1 have been all about breaking rules and surprises.
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