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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 00:48
’Helpless’: director’s oversight drags film down
Regardless of a director’s competence, poorly adapted screenplays can kill a movie.
CrossFit: too risky or safe enough?
Sensing a reporter’s presence around them, the dozen or so people at the Wednesday evening session of CrossFit did not grunt as much as usual. But they were still
New meswear brand ’eclectic’
The men’s dress jacket has survived many changes over time and maintained its status as a wardrobe staple. Over a white shirt or a designer t-shirt, it remains one of the simplest ways to complete a look.
Korean drama, K-pop idols shine in Okinawa concert
The influence of Korean pop culture has reached the southernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, resulting in a concert that showcased not only just K-pop idol groups like KARA and 2PM but also the soundtracks of Korean dramas.
Big Bang not so ’Alive’
Even before the concert, all five members of Big Bang reeked of fatigue.
’Love Fiction’ rises above all hype
The marketing drive for “Love Fiction” was systematic and fierce. But somehow not many seemed to know how to describe the movie even as the buzz continued to spread.
’This Means War’: classic Witherspoon
“This Means War,” the latest movie by director McG, was widely panned by critics and audiences when it was released in the United States last year.
Williams drives ’Marilyn’ to glory
Reviving a well-known figure on the silver screen is a tricky task, and so when British director Simon Curtis attempted it for one of the greatest movie icons ever, he had an uphill battle, to put it mildly.
Miss Korea 2012 to stage regionals
The annual Miss Korean pageant will host its regional preliminaries for the national-level event.
Kim Sun-wook, RCO disappoint
The hype for Wednesday’s concert was so high that it attracted even A-list movie stars like Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae on top of the city’s usual classical music aficionados and upper crust. But the audience received much less than they were promised.