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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 11:30
Doosan chairman to head historic theater foundation
Park Yong-man, chairman of Doosan Business Group, has been made the chairman of the board of the Myeongdong Jeongdong Theaters Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced Thursday.
Comedian Jo, husband end 13-year marriage
Jo Hye-ryun, veteran entertainer and TV personality, and husband have filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.
Stylists‘ death halts MIB‘s comeback
MIB, a hip-hop group, have cancelled all engagements to mourn the unexpected death of their stylists.
Tainted victory for ‘Hunger Games‘
The buzz for “The Hunger Games” had been so enormous that local studios waved their white flags even before the fight.
Rock band opens school in Burkina Faso
CNBLUE, the K-pop and rock band, are starting a goodwill project in the West African nation Burkina Faso, their agency FNC Entertainment announced Wednesday.
2PM play dress-up for fans
Even with just about 4,000 in the Seoul auditorium, 2PM’s fans could easily out-scream the crowds at world’s largest music festivals like Glastonbury or Coachella.
Jung Jun-ha to wed girlfriend ‘Nemo‘ in May
One of Korea’s celebrity bachelors is ready to put an end to his single life.
Hallyu star Kim leads in new musical
There is plenty of running away involved in the story of “Catch Me If You Can,” the musical based on the 2002 detective-chase film by Steven Spielberg and opening today in Seoul as the first licensed show outside the United States.
Heartthrob determined to go beyond his image
More than a decade into his career, Joo Jin-mo, 37, is still considered one of the best-looking faces in Korean cinema. He is
T-ara to tour 6 cities in Japan, release album in summer
T-ara, one of the hottest K-pop acts in Korea, will embark on a six-city tour in June.
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