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Fri, February 23, 2024 | 12:00
Box Office Rankings
Domestic United States
‘577 Project’ wraps truth in laughter
Categorizing this film is a perplexing job; the promoters are describing it as a “real variety movie,” which does not help.
How a chubby Korean man got the world to dance
If you thought the Oscars were too boring, try watching the Korean award ceremonies at the end of the year. Tied down by decorum, everybody forces themselves to stay serious and modest; actresses with plunging necklines remain buttoned up in demeanor.
Recent books
Hwang Sang-min; Deulnyeok Publishing: 368 pp., 15,000 wonWhy are Koreans so crazy about designer handbags and other luxury goods? Why do they pay more for a cup of take-out coffee from a major chain than they do for their lunch? Why do they keep buying lottery tickets even though it’s highly unlikely they will hit the jackpot?
‘Mommy porn’ better in translation
You don’t have to look up TV ratings to realize that Koreans have a soft spot for Cinderella-type romance.
‘Neighbor’ weighs price of indifference
What would you do if you found out someone living in your building is a serial killer? That is the premise of the new thriller “The Neighbor,” which opened on Wednesday. While the usual comic book hero would fight against evil, the answer is not so clear cut in this more realistic setting.
Eminem live: pure genius- even if for just 1 hour
In what was the most anticipated concert since Lady Gaga in April, Eminem did not disappoint in quality. On Sunday, the revolutionary rapper impressed the 20,000-plus audience at the Auxiliary Stadium of the Jamsil Sports Complex, southeastern Seoul, during the last stop on the artist’s “Recovery Tour.”
Loner child, bird friend to open youth film fest
Northeastern Seoul will play host to 140 films from 40 nations when the curtain rises on the 14th Seoul International Youth Film Festival on Thursday.
Album review
Frank Ocean - 'Channel Orange'
Prince-pauper tale gets election-year twist in ‘Gwanghae’
With the presidential election only a few months away, “Gwanghae: the Man Who Became King” could not be released at a better time.
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