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Reporter : Kim Ji-soo
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 11:59
Elon, the Twitter bodhisattva
The legend of Elon Musk has only gotten bigger in recent days with his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion. What's really interesting about this purchase is that Musk doesn't do things for the sake of doing the thing. He does things for the sake of doing the vision.
Longing for normalcy
Ever since Omicron surfaced on our landscape in late 2021, many probably have been wondering or part hoping that the latest variant would be a “Christmas gift.” Well, Christmas is behind us, and Omicron was no gift in the sense we wanted it to be.
The taste of 'minari'
As the day of the 93rd Academy Awards Ceremony (April 26, 9am KST) approaches, there is heightened awareness of whether film “Minari” by the Korean American director, Lee Isaac Chung, will grab awards based on six nominations, including one for veteran Korean actress Youn Yuh-jung.
Hospital supplies and medicine for Laos
Korea Love Sharing Community Chairman Lee Eun-deok, left in front row, poses with Second Secretary Kham Ai Phoutthachit of the Laos Embassy in Seoul and others including corporate sponsors Choi Seong-ho of Kyungwoo System before sending $850,000 worth of medicine, and hospital beds to Laos, April 7. / Courtesy of Korea Love Sharing Community
Deepening asymmetry between Korea, China
I once received an apology from a Chinese woman who was enrolled in an MBA course at Tsinghua University, the alma mater of Chinese President Xi Jinping. After learning that she was from Guangdong Province, I mentioned that Wang Yang, then-Guangdong's Party Secretary, had recently visited Korea. I also said that there would be a Korea-China summit soon. It was a gesture to bu...
The West's disappointing double standards
More than a decade ago, when I came from China to study in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, two political terminologies were deeply laid the seeds in my mind. One was the fantastic “human rights,” and another was the disgraceful “double standards”.
Won makes 'green' case for presidency
JEJU ISLAND - The seas off this southern island were tranquil Monday, as Seoul and the larger metropolitan area were dealing with a chilling rise in the number of coronavirus infections. It is exactly for that tranquility and the clean green environment that many pandemic-fatigued people still travel to the southern island to seek solace.
On this day...1775-U.S. Marine Corps established by Congress1801-Kentucky outlaws dueling1891-First Woman's Christian Temperance Union meeting held (in Boston)1898-Race riot in Wilmington NC (8 blacks killed)1917-41 suffragists are arrested in front of the White House1918-Independence of Poland proclaimed by Jozef Pilsudski1919-First observance of National Book Week1969-"Sesame Street" premieres on PBS TV1975-PLO leader Yasser Arafat addresses UN in NYC1975-U.N. General Assembly approves resolution equating Zionism with racism1978-Israel's top negotiators broke away from Middle East peace ta...
On this day...1799-Napoleon becomes dictator (firstconsul) of France1858-First performance of NY Symphony Orchestra1864-First export of goods from Burrard Inlet, BC to a foreign country1885-The opera "Ermine" is produced (London)1904-First airplane flight to last more than 5 minutes1924-Miriam (Ma) Ferguson becomes first elected woman governor (of Texas)1927-Giant Panda discovered, China1935-Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) labor union forms1953-Cambodia (now Kampuchea) gains independence within French Union1961-PGA eliminates Caucasians only rule1973-Fire at Taiyo department store...
Andy Kimcongratulatory message
Hi everyone! I am Congressman Andy Kim. And I wanted to congratulate The Korea Times on its 70th anniversary. What an extraordinary accomplishment. And for 70 years, being an important voice for Koreans all over the globe.
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