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Fri, September 17, 2021 | 06:44
Album reviews
Daejeon Philharmonic Choir, Hi, Mr. Memory and Shugo Tokumaru
National Geographic: Iconic photographs of world nature at Seoul Arts Center
A pack of voracious cheetah cubs rip their canines into the flesh of an impala, eyes wide, blank, and staring straight at you. A Japanese snow monkey leans back from a rock, immersing his furry body into the steaming hot springs as a companion holds onto his arm. A 320-kilgram boulder sitting in the expanse of Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa innocently betrays no movement in f...
Actor Jang sings for new drama Mary OST
Actor, singer and model Jang Geun-suk is about to remind fans once more of his multi-faceted talents.
Fashion Weeks finale a bang, spring looks sharp
Expect next spring to bring not only fair weather, but dropped hemlines and curved silhouettes nestled among a balance of worker chic, country prep and bold flair.
[60thAnni] The quiet rise of contemporary Korean art
While the government encourages the dissemination of hansik, Korean food, into the global sphere and entertainers are causing ripples of influence through hallyu, the Korean wave, contemporary Korean art has been steadfast in its goal to become a mainstay in the international art scene.
About the authors
The authors of the 41st Korean Literature Translation Awards
Finding modern art in an Expressionist’s journey
Although emerging young artists have filled the exhibition calendars of most private and commercial galleries across Seoul, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksugung, has been keeping a steadfast spotlight on historical art movements reminding art lovers of the road to today’s work.
Album reviews
Belle & Sebastian, 2PM
Kang devoted to harmonious society
The concrete, physical health of a country’s culture, politics and economy is vital, but one cannot forget the people’s attitudes either, according to prominent lawyer Kang Ji-won.
(110) Kim Jong-un, the next leader of North Korea
Kim Jong-un, the heir of Kim Jong-il, is appearing frequently in the foreign press these days, due to Kim Jong-il’s determination to demonstrate his son as his successor in leading North Korea.
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