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Tue, September 28, 2021 | 14:19
Art-house musical offers realism by the glass
While the word musical might most often inspire images of glamorous, large-scale productions on Broadway, those smaller art-house productions are able to produce the emotionally dense intimacy others seek. The Korean original “Cafe-in” fulfills the latter, as a clever romantic comedy proving its lasting power with the start of its second season late November.
Hollywood stars to promote hansik
In a time when Korea is making headlines due to tensions with its northern partner and most Westerners ask natives timidly “From the North or
Design fairs to beckon public, private spheres
December may just as well stand for “design” with three major creative events kicking off in two weeks.
Seoul opens up to indie music scene
What defines a “good” live music scene may vary from country to country, but Seoul’s crowd is inarguably changing — toward a more Western-filled outlook and constitution.
Czech cartoon Krtek vying to win Korean hearts
The world of children’s literature has transformed and adapted with the times, but one cannot help but feel that pang of warm nostalgia whenever confronted with a character embodiment of youth.
Following photography from objectivity to humor
In these chilly wintry weeks before the peak of the holiday season, rather than succumb to the inviting warmth of fantastical art or indulgent contemporary works, photography exhibitions are providing some grounded reality — ending with a well-judged pinch of intimate humor.
Chagall retrospective to return, bigger & brighter
“When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only .......
Flaming Lips to make Korean debut
Whether it was the human hamster ball stunt rolling above a roaring crowd of an outdoor venue or the imaginative sweet sounds of that electro-psychedelic mix that first caught your ear, The Flaming Lips has indelibly made its mark on those in the music world.
Opera Gallery: 3rd anniversarys sweet show
Opera Gallery in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, celebrates its third anniversary this month with an exhibition of the two bold-palettes of French artists Claude Hemeret and Jenkell.
Korean artbook bursts into English world
Korean art has long held the interest of those abroad. While the U.S.-based Korean Art Society
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