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Tue, September 21, 2021 | 11:38
[Weekender] Beyond the basics
The crunch of crisp vegetables on wooden cutting boards, ...
Maroon 5 returns with new album
American rock band Maroon 5 has the industry down pat. The success of the group has been re-affirmed by a succession of hit singles, multi-platinum albums, Grammy Awards and, of course, their third studio album.
French design companies converge in Seoul
While the Seoul Design Fair ― formerly the Seoul Design Olympiad ― kicked off earlier this month to bring innovations to the local scene, those looking for something particularly sleek and chic can head toward French Design 2010, a sister program that combines the aesthetics of design with the economic.
Taehwa River art fest to return in October
The story of the Taehwa River in Ulsan Metropolitan City, on the southeast coast of Korea, is a fairy tale not unlike that of the ugly duckling. Once known as the polluted “River of Death” — a result of heavily industrialization of the city over three decades — the Taehwa has shed its image of condemnation since the 1990s to become a symbol of successful restorati...
[Chuseok] Folk games enrich the holidays
The holidays are a time for family, feasts and, in Korea, traditional folk games. Although Seollal (the Lunar New Year’s Day) is the holiday most associated with the light-hearted pastimes, the harvest moon festival ...
Professor helps open Cambridge to Korea
``If you are trying to teach East Asian studies, East Asian studies without Korea makes no sense.’’ This is the sentiment of professor ...
Digital art: cell phones add extra dimension
The ubiquity of technology has long been an issue for controversy, with articles in the New York Times citing studies that show some use the Internet enough for it to be classified as an “addiction,” and the BBC reporting that sleek software can dull the brain. One point has been near-universally accepted, however: technology has greatly affected our lives, revolutionizing in...
(107) Saju of Vladimir Putin, prime minister of Russia
Once a saju master learns the birthday of a person, it is not difficult to see through their life style ― whether they aspire for fame or power, or other ambitions. Since saju is composed of the complicated combinations of heavenly and earthly energy according to the provisions of nature, it doesn’t reveal the truth of life by means of a simple translation, such as astrology ...
Album reviews
Brand Flowers' solo debut, Hurts and "Eat, Pray, Love" OST
Art market recovers but still has far to go
The ninth Korean International Art Fair (KIAF) closed its doors at COEX, southern Seoul, Monday, after five days of dealers, curators and curious passersby weighed the contents within.
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