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Thu, February 9, 2023 | 04:59
Daewoo's microwave sales top 500,000
Daewoo Electronics, one of Korea’s leading home appliance makers, said Wednesday that more than 500,000 of its 15-liter capacity microwaves have been sold worldwide.
Qwilt launches 1st Asian office in Korea
Qwilt, a content delivery network service provider, opened an office in Korea, its first in Asia, to expand into the region, Tuesday.
Has construction industry hit bottom?
Challenges facing the construction industry look as if they can’t get any worse and analysts Sunday cautiously predicted that it has indeed reached its lowest point and will begin to improve in the second half of the financial year.
KT chairman vows to enhance network security
Lee Suk-chae, chairman and CEO of telecommunication giant KT, told employees Sunday to strengthen network security and be prepared for cyber attacks.
StarCraft II falling despite expansion pack
StarCraft II seems long out of the picture in the local game market despite a recently launched expansion pack by Blizzard to boost its popularity.
Samsung wins W700 bil. order in Azerbaijan
Samsung Engineering, the plant making affiliate of Samsung Group, said Thursday it won an order worth 700 billion won in, successfully venturing into the untapped market.
Subsidy war worsens carriers' profitability
Mobile carriers are expected to see earnings shocks in the first quarter due to the unrelenting subsidy war. Despite the government’s efforts to eliminate subsidies, cell phone carriers still offer deep discounts in an effort to win customers. According to industry officials Thursday, local operators LG Uplus, SK Telecom and KT continue to offer subsidies that exceed the legal limit. The law requires companies to avoid offering discounts of more than 270,000 won.
OB aims to solidify dominance
Oriental Brewery (OB), Korea’s largest beer maker by revenue, aims to solidify its leadership in the nation’s beer market this year by increasing its market share to more than 60 percent from the current 55 percent.
'Korean companies becoming value creator'
An executive of Adobe Systems, one of the industry’s leading software makers, said Korea was changing from being a simple industrial manufacturer to a value creator in the global market. “What I see from outside is Korea moving off that early manufacturing and early services into the high-end, value-added stuff,” said Michael Stoddart, product marketing manager of digital med...
Large companies overhaul PR teams
Korean conglomerates are transforming their public relations (PR) divisions as their increased brand and global presence pressure them to better communicate with others.
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