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Tue, February 7, 2023 | 02:13
KOIMA boss calls for policymakers to support imports
Thomas Shin, the newly appointed chairman of the Korea Importers Association (KOIMA), Wednesday called for policymakers to recognize the importance of imports.
Tax agency goes after 18 professions
High-income earners in 18 self-employed professions have come under close scrutiny by the National Tax Service (NTS) as the agency is sending out inspection teams to find any wrongdoings associated with their income and expenses.
KEPCO beefs up CSR activities
Korea Electrics Power Corporation (KEPCO), the state-run electricity supplier, is strengthening its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
Nexon halves royalties from PC bangs
Nexon, Korea’s largest game publisher and developer, said Friday that it will cut the royalties it receives from PC bangs, or Internet cafes, for running its games by half to help out its partners.
[Exclusive] LG joins smart wristwatch race
Korean technology giant LG Electronics is developing its own smart wristwatch, effectively joining the competition between Apple and Samsung Electronics who are making theirs as well.
India invites Korean investment
India is inviting Korean money to the country a high-level Indian official called “the land of opportunity,” to accelerate business collaboration between the two countries.
SKT unveils new price plan
SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile carrier, unveiled a new long-term evolution (LTE) price plan Thursday that allows its subscribers to have unlimited voice calls.
LG haunted by marketing dilemma
Most will agree that LG Electronics has one of the best smartphone portfolios, with products ranging from low-end handsets to high-end ones like the Optimus G and Optimus G Pro.
Women set new whiskey trends in Korea
Watch any old noir movie with a bar scene, and you’ll see a cigarette-smoking man in a well-tailored black suit ordering a glass of whiskey. The woman, usually a helpless object of desire in need of rescuing, sips a “virgin” pina colada.
Home plus launches mobile service
Discount chain Home plus said Wednesday that it launched its own telecommunications service, Plus Mobile, starting today.
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