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Thu, February 9, 2023 | 04:59
Foreign business leaders dismayed by deadlock
Foreign business leaders expressed concern about deadlocked negotiations in the National Assembly over the bill on reorganizing the administration, saying the political instability may weigh heavily on President Park Geun-hye’s economic policies.
Spirit of rebellion against Google
BARCELONA ― It is imperative to keep your eyes peeled and listen closely in order not to miss the spirit of those gathering at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week.
Korea moving too fast toward LTE
Local mobile carriers are aggressively expanding their long-term evolution (LTE) networks but this is raising concern among some observers that Korea maybe going a little too fast and could lose money and isolate itself technology-wise.
Korean operators set trend in IT
BARCELONA ― A senior executive of Google said Korean mobile operators have become the measurement for deciphering global trends.
[Exclusive] Huawei, ZTE show no interest in Samsung chips
BARCELONA - Chinese technology giants Huawei and ZTE seem uninterested in buying Samsung Electronics’ recently unveiled application processor (AP).
SKT boss concerned over MS tablet focus
BARCELONA - SK Telecom CEO Ha Sung-min has expressed concern over Microsoft’s move to place greater emphasis on tablets rather than handsets.
KT, Samsung collaborate on Tizen
BARCELONA - Samsung Electronics and KT are to collaborate closely on the Tizen smartphone operating system (OS), according to company executives at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).
KT proposes global virtual goods market
BARCELONA - KT Chairman and CEO Lee Suk-chae said Tuesday that global mobile operators must work together to create a common market for virtual goods or online commodities.
Samsung aims to double tablet sales
BARCELONA ― Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung Electronics’ information technology and mobile communications division, said Sunday that the electronics giant plans to double sales for its tablet line this year.
KT promotes IT SMEs at MWC
BARCELONA - Telecommunications giant KT said Sunday that it will actively support the global efforts of small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) to promote Korea’s information technology competitiveness abroad.
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