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Wed, September 27, 2023 | 08:18
Europe’s feted Korean composer getting Asian premiere
The husband is always the last to know, and it took Korea more than three decades to invite one of its own artists who has been making waves in the European music scene.
’Sunny’ opening in more US theaters Friday
“Sunny,” the highest grossing domestic film of the first half of the year, is set to open in more U.S. theaters on Friday, its distributor CJ E&M Pictures said Tuesday.
Hwanhee’s 1st solo album due Friday
Hwanhee of duo Fly to the Sky will release his first solo album Friday.
Int’l media spotlights ’Korea’s Susan Boyle’
The international press is noting the soaring popularity of local talent show sensation Choi Sung-bong or “Korea’s Susan Boyle” as dubbed by CNN.
Kwak, Kwon team up for melodrama
Kwak Kyung-taek, best known for turning “pretty boys” into hardboiled action stars, has teamed up with Kwon Sang-woo for his latest film “Painted.”
’Films to be shown for at least 1 week’
Korean Film Council (KOFIC) suggested Tuesday that cinemas and distributors employ a contract that would ensure a minimum screening period for films and alter the proportion of profit shares.
’Sunny’ draws 7 million viewers
The 1980s retro drama “Sunny” drew more than 7 million viewers as of Tuesday, according to the film’s distributor CJ E&M Pictures, since opening in theaters 11 weeks ago on May 4.
Cartoon fest opens with educational focus
Asia’s largest showcase for cartoons and animations opened Wednesday in Seoul for a five-day run — featuring not only exhibitions and screenings but also a
CEO brings new impetus to dead mining city
Yeongwol, a depleted mining town in Gangwon Province, is slowly transitioning into a thriving hotspot for getaways.
PiFan opens with a splash
BUCHEON, Gyeonggi Province — The 15th Puchon (Bucheon) International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) kicked off Thursday with a
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