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Sat, December 2, 2023 | 12:23
Local films dominate over long weekend
Korean films dominated the local box office over the long weekend, with four local works ranking among the top five.
Kim, Park out to popularize ’gugak’
Korean traditional music, “gugak,” is often considered an acquired taste, but composer Kim Hyung-suk and musical director Kolleen Park have teamed up to ...
Song, Shin star in uncanny drama
In the upcoming film “Hindsight,” actor Song Kang-ho hopes to tell an uncanny story through his collaboration with actress Shin Se-kyung.
Music with cinematic touch
The Jecheon International Music Film Festival (JIMFF) will kick off Thursday in the North Chungcheong Province city featuring a record number of 121 films. The film festival, featuring movies ....
’Arrow’ aims for new horizons
Finally, a film that ties enduring soul-searching themes with exhilarating action and dashes of tasteful comedy, all set in a familiar yet exotic backdrop.
Cellist explores unique Korean sounds
PYEONGCHANG, Gangwon Province ― The last time cellist Koh Bong-ihn was at the Great Mountains International Music Festival & School (GMMFS), the famed Juilliard professor Aldo
Chung sisters perform for flood victims
PYEONGCHANG, Gangwon Province — There is nothing quite as invisible, yet gripping, as music, and a chamber concert Friday tugged at listeners’ hearts with even more intensity as artists dedicated their music to flood victims.
’Sector 7’: groundbreaking tech, groundless drama
The late legendary producer Samuel Goldwyn once said that Hollywood filmmakers “remain little more than glassblowers, huffing and puffing and blowing up slender ideas — their own or others — into some sort of shape for the screen. What has happened to fresh, honest, vital, original writing for the screen?”
[Weekender] Filmmaking in the palm of your hand
Filmmaking is a costly, time-consuming endeavor involving massive teamwork.
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