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Tue, December 12, 2023 | 03:55
Crossover tenor returns
In September, Im Tae-kyung moved fans by reemerging on the stage of KBS2’s “Invincible Masterpiece 2.” After garnering many votes on the popular talent show for reinterpreting local pop classics, the crossover tenor suffered from chronic coughs and completely lost his voice. He had to stop hosting his radio show and even feared the end of his singing career.
Busan critics name Tang Wei best actress
The Busan Film Critics Association (BCFA) has named Tang Wei best actress for her role in the local melodrama “Late Autumn.” This marks the Chinese star’s third honorable mention in Korea.
‘S.I.U.’ falls into traps of cop movie cliches
From the “Two Cops” franchise and the “Public Enemy” series to most recently “Arrest King,” Korean cinema seems to have seen its fair share of cop movies, but “S.I.U. (Special Investigation Unit)” is proving to be entertainment that sells well despite its flaws.
Doctor-filmmaker probes capitalist exploitation in medical world
A doctor has stepped up as an ombudsman for patients who cannot afford proper treatment due to what she calls the “capitalist exploitation of the medical world” and has made a movie to make sure her voice is heard.
Choruses combine for ode to Han River
Rarely does one see some 200 singers onstage, aside from the occasional renditions of Beethoven’s “Choral” symphony or exceptionally large-scale operas. Next month, however, such a union of local vocal groups and soloists will come together to premiere a grand ode to the Han River.
[Portrait] Koo Bohnchang: seizing the moment
BUNDANG, Gyeonggi Province — A single phone call can sometimes make all the difference.
Romance lost between spooks and laughs
It starts out promising: a young man falls for a beautiful woman, who turns out to not only be able to see ghosts but causes them to haunt those around her. Creepy lost souls keep interrupting the consummation of what should have been a heart fluttering rather than heart attack-inducing first kiss.
[61st] [Portrait] Younghi Pagh-Paan: art of sharing
PANICALE, Italy — “Molto bene (very good)!” exclaimed Younghi Pagh-Paan as she bit into a fig, fresh and juicy right off the tree, and wrapped with prosciutto prepared by the town butcher.
’Pigs’ depicts frightening realism
There is something frightfully disquieting and intense about “King of Pigs” that is quite difficult to nail down.
Pitt hopes to connect with global audiences
Brad Pitt is eyeing more international collaborations and sees Korea as a significant industrial base for the process.
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