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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 19:53
Korean-Japanese architect Itami dies
Internationally renowned Korean-Japanese architect Jun Itami passed away on June 26, it became belatedly known here, Saturday. He was 74.
Barenboim to hold concert at DMZ
Daniel Barenboim, known for his peace-making efforts in the Middle East, will hold a concert by the demarcation line separating the two ...
[Weekender] Defining sounds transcending traditionalism
K-pop may be reigniting “hallyu,” ....
Poongsan: a directors mission impossible
“Poongsan,” directed by emerging cineaste Juhn Jai-hong and produced by film maverick Kim Ki-duk, came in at box office No. 3 on its opening weekend, drawing over 280,000 viewers since last Thursday.
K-pop group SHINee debuts at No. 2 on Oricon Chart
K-pop group SHINee’s first single in Japan ranked No. 2 on the Oricon daily singles chart Wednesday on its first day of release, said the group’s agency SM Entertainment.
Park Bumshin returns with hardboiled novel
Veteran author Park Bumshin, 65, is back with his 39th novel which coincides with the 39th anniversary of his debut on the literary scene.
Richard Gere spotlights Tibetan plight in photos
Richard Gere shared ...
Dutoit in Pyongyang to discuss launch of inter-Korean orchestra
In 1999, Daniel Barenboim made waves by establishing an orchestra comprised of youths from Israel and Palestine.
B-boy world championship due in Seoul next week
Get ready for some of the most mind-bending, gravity-defying and joint-popping contortions, with the opening of an international b-boy tournament in Seoul next week.
Music beyond traditions
Hwang Byung-ki, master interpreter of the 12-string Korean zither “gayageum,” reached out to local foreign residents Friday, by showcasing compositions that delicately interweave Eastern and Western traditions.