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Sun, September 26, 2021 | 02:38
Late Samsung chairman's 1,500-piece art collection unveiled to public
To Lee Jung-seob, one of the most iconic modern painters of Korea, a cow was much more than a common farm animal found in rural communities. Serving as one of the central themes in his work, the creature was a symbol of Korea's - or Joseon's - national identity and spirit under Japanese colonial rule. The cattle in Lee's “White Ox” straining to take a step forward describes t...
Painter-cum-miner portrays dark tales
Hwang Jai-hyoung's "Hwangji 330" is the artist's tribute to a miner whose life was cut short in a tragic mining accident in the 1980s. In Hwang's painting, the dead man's uniform is wrinkled and torn. The ID card clipped on the pocket of the worn-out jacket gives little information about its owner, as his face remains blurry and is faded to reflect that much time has passed s...
'Minari' star Han Ye-ri tapped for goodwill ambassador for int'l dance festival
Actor Han Ye-ri, who played the role of the mother and wife of a Korean migrant family in the award-winning film “Minari,” has been appointed as goodwill ambassador for the 40th International Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE) to be held in Seoul from May 25 to June 13.
North Korean-born designer tells stories of fellow defectors through fashion
For North Korean-born Kang Ji-hyun, her chance sighting of a foreign tourist at Mount Paektu at the age of 15 forever changed her life. What started out as a routine family trip to the mountain became her first time spotting an actual foreigner outside television screens and textbooks. What caught her eyes wasn't his height or his unkempt beard - but his ripped jeans.
Picasso's 'Massacre in Korea' displayed here for first time
An ominously lit, two-meter-wide canvas captures a tragic moment of human history that has been repeated time and time again - a faceless mass of ironclad soldiers firmly holding their guns and swords, ready to open fire on a helpless crowd of naked women and children. Tears roll down the faces of some of these women and children as they wail, hide and run away in terror. Oth...
Book review: Time travel journey to save loved one becomes humanist exploration
The desire to go back in time and change the past has never been limited to a specific group of people. To some, the feeling becomes so powerful that they become stuck in an endless cycle of regrets about the words they shouldn't have uttered then or the things they should've done differently there. This is no exception for Hae-mi and Da-mi, who are sisters living in Seoul in...
76-old-painter brings childlike spirit into artwork
On a number of canvases, rows of carefree scribbles and numerical digits occupy the entire space, sometimes interrupted by the presence of everyday objects - buttons, clamshells and small pieces of plastic. Other paintings, instead of being filled with a similar swarm of lines are rather bare, with a child figure who is missing either an arm, leg, or mouth, standing alone.
Musicians to perform in celebration of international jazz day
Jazz musicians in Korea, who have paved the way in cultivating the appeal of the musical genre in the country, will perform April 29, the eve of International Jazz Day, the Korea Jazz Association (KJA) announced Thursday. In 2011, UNESCO designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in recognition of the genre's cultural and diplomatic role in uniting people from all walks of...
[INTERVIEW] OTT service helps women have greater say in cinema
In 2018, six out of every 10 university freshmen majoring in theater and film nationwide were women, according to a report by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC)'s Center for Gender Equality in Korean Cinema. Despite women's growing representation in the motion picture industry, commercial films produced and directed by female filmmakers that were screened from 2014 to 2018 accou...
LTI Korea's new exhibition to explore history of Korean literature translation
The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) will host an exhibition focusing on the history of translated Korean literature and its growing global reach in celebration of the state-run agency's 25th anniversary next month. LTI Korea, established in 1996 under the name the Korean Literature Translation Fund and later re-launched in 2001 in its current form, has s...
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