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Tue, October 26, 2021 | 17:09
Former audit agency chief meets with main opposition lawmaker
Choe Jae-hyeong, former head of the Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) and a potential presidential contender for the opposition, right, shakes hands with Rep. Kwon Young-se of the main opposition People Power Party (PPP), at a restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul, Wednesday. At the meeting, the two discussed the possibility of Choe joining the PPP and declaring his bid for the pres...
Seoul city adopts discrimination-free design for public restrooms
Seoul Metropolitan Government and the affiliated Seoul Universal Design Center (Seoul UDC) have selected the restrooms at three community service centers in Guro-dong, Sinjung-dong and Mangwon-dong for remodeling as part of the city's efforts to bring inclusive design to urban civic spaces.
[INTERVIEW] Media artist's own DNA breathes new life into digital landscape paintings
What exactly did media artist Lee Lee Nam need in order to give life to a 6.8-meter-high digital waterfall roaring down a wall of the Savina Museum? A high-functioning computer, a projector and two strands of his own hair.
Abandoned rural schools reborn as art galleries, animal shelters
As the birthrate continues to plummet in Korea, hitting a new record low of 0.84 children per woman last year, schools in rural counties have been hit hard. It's not hard to find closed schools across the peninsula, after the young populations they once served dwindle and disappear.
'The world as a field of data:' Exhibition shows how we live through code
In today's capitalist and industrial society, digital code consisting of 0s and 1s has largely been interpreted within the realm of technology and economy that remain behind the scenes. But although we do not witness this code directly, it defines such a large part of our daily lives through computers, smartphones, surveillance cameras and even QR code-based entry logs that r...
Immersive whale and waterfall media art to appear in New York's Times Square
Two immersive, site-specific media art installations evoking natural water landscapes, produced by a'strict, will be displayed at Times Square during New York's hottest summer months. As a collaborative media art group formed by the space-based UX digital design company d'strict, a'strict made its debut last year with a visually compelling, multisensory installation wave piec...
[INTERVIEW] Creative souls: Disabled artists visualize what others miss
While the faces and hairstyles of the news anchors and weathercasters who regularly fill the TV screen remain unmemorable to many, to 31-year-old Chung Jong-pil, such images have been imprinted into his memory from a young age. As an artist with a developmental disability, he reproduces his own small portraits of these media figures, with a ballpoint pen on blank white paper,...
'Korea: Cubically Imagined' exhibition kicks off in Paris
The long-anticipated exhibition, “Korea: Cubically Imagined,” which creatively reinterprets K-pop juggernaut BTS's thrilling concert performance, as well as the film set of the Oscar-winning “Parasite” film in virtual reality, has finally kicked off at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Tuesday (CET).
'Mad Monk' Jung Kwang's art returns to Jeju Island
The Jeju Island-born Jung Kwang (1935-2002), whose birth name was Go Chang-ryul, was a man of many nicknames: “The Mad Monk,” “The Mop Monk” (or his own favorite “The Buddhist Mop”) and “The Picasso of Korea.”
Yun Ko-eun's 'The Disaster Tourist' wins UK's crime fiction award
Best-selling author Yun Ko-eun's novel, “The Disaster Tourist,” became the first Korean literary piece to win the prestigious crime fiction award in the UK, Thursday, local time. The eco-thriller, translated into English last year through sponsorship of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea), was named the winner of the Crime Fiction in Translation Dagger c...
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