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Tue, October 26, 2021 | 02:14
Viewing the DMZ outside of political, ideological, ecological narratives
The name of the Mindeulle (“dandelion” in English) Field, located near the inter-Korean border region in Cherwon, Gangwon Province, has several origins, though surprisingly, none of them are connected to the wildflower itself.
Local art biennales explore post-pandemic era starting in September
The month of September in Korea will be marked by a wide range of art biennales, both established and new, scheduled to be held across country. Each with a focus on a different medium - media art, photography, craft and design works - the events, held in Seoul, Gwangju, Daegu and Cheongju, among others, aim to transform the future and the role of art in the post-pandemic era.
Light breathes life into Alice Dalton Brown's canvas
Beyond the fluttering curtains, water ripples shimmer as the waves lap the shore. The endless stretch of pastel blue captured in American realist painter Alice Dalton Brown's latest work, “In the Quiet Moment,” is a welcome distraction from the reality wrought by the pandemic and everyday worries.
Art furniture inspired by traditional Korean architecture
“Western architecture tends to raise walls to distinguish clearly between inner and outer spaces. But such boundary becomes unclear in Korea's traditional buildings as they are supported mainly by pillars. (The definition of inner or outer space can also be changed at will) by opening or closing the sliding doors,” designer Jung Myung-taek writes in the artist's note.
Young Koreans lash out at heavy-handed China
Back in November 2019, there were multiple instances of on-campus conflicts between Korean and Chinese students surrounding the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Some Koreans showed their open support for the movement through statements that they posted on the school's bulletin boards, which angered some Chinese students and led to a war of words or even physical clashes i...
Korean portraiture to be displayed at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum
The exhibition, “Likeness and Legacy in Korean Portraiture,” a showcase of portrait paintings spanning from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) to the contemporary era, will be held at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco from Aug. 27 to Nov. 28, the Korean Foundation (KF) announced Wednesday. This exhibition is the first major show of Korean portraiture to take place in the Unit...
MMCA launches global art streaming service 'Watch and Chill'
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) has launched a global video art streaming platform, “Watch and Chill,” developed in partnership with three other Asian art museums, Tuesday.
Banksy's works arrive in Seoul
Oftentimes, for gallery visitors, the entrance to an exhibition remains the least memorable part of the event, as they are there precisely to see what lies beyond it. But “The Art of Banksy: Without Limits” at the Seouliteum in eastern Seoul's Seongdong District, is somewhat different as the whole viewing experience begins right when one enters into a cartoonish black-and-whi...
Art professor to curate Korean pavilion for Venice Biennale
The curator of the Korean pavilion at the 59th Venice Art Biennale next year will be Professor Lee Young-chul, according to the Arts Council Korea (ARKO), the commission responsible for organizing and operating the pavilion.
MMCA features early 20th-century animators, first to 'make pictures come alive'
“It is like drawing a nice picture. But we can make that picture come alive, which makes us even happier!” The words uttered by Czech filmmaker and animator Karel Zeman (1910-1989) represent the pioneering spirits of the notable artists in the field of animation during the early 20th century, featured at the exhibition, “Movement Making Movement,” at the National Museum of Mo...
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