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Wed, June 29, 2022 | 21:21
Design should enrich our everyday lives
Sweden is a nation renowned for its innovative design. Swedish design is celebrated and valued worldwide for its ability to seamlessly combine simplicity and functionality.
Eurozone’s unity key to recovery
What’s more important to financial markets, a rush to balance the budget through austerity measures, or more vigorous economic growth?
Knowledge sharing with non-G20
Indeed, that South Korea hosted the fifth G-20 meeting last November in Seoul is historic. But also significant is that the country proposed not only the agreed-upon agenda to construct global architecture for sustainable and balanced world growth, but the agenda of development, reflecting the concerns of the developing and low-income economies of 172 countries not members of...
Professionalism in life insurance industry
My trusted Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary defines “professionalism” in two ways: The first is a “following of a profession for gain or livelihood.” We are all familiar with the huge “gains” that successful professional athletes can attain.
Fears of US recession loom large
June marked the second anniversary of the end of the Great Recession in the U.S. The two-year economic recovery has been one of the weakest in the post-WW II era. Growth in GDP, personal income, personal consumption, construction and employment has all been below average eight quarters into the recovery.
’Ready for the worst’
A historic U.S. credit downgrade has sent jitters across Korean industries about a potential repercussion on their sales here and abroad amid growing fears of a double-dip recession in U.S. and European markets.
Managing documents for international litigation
Most Korean companies have experience in managing documents for Korean domestic litigation proceedings. This is not a difficult task as the scope of internal documents a party must disclose to the opposing party is very narrow, even if the documents are relevant to the issues at hand.
Can Korea be defensive this time?
During the 2008-09 global financial crisis, the Korean economy showed its resilience, and did not even suffer a recession as it posted only one quarter of negative sequential growth.
Toward sustainable management
Global investments in green technologies and renewable materials are growing slowly but surely with the concept of green growth emerging worldwide from growing awareness of environmental issues and pressure on natural resources.
Federalism key to saving Europe
The crisis in the euro zone has taught us a lot about the functioning of currency areas, which is markedly different to that which is most often expected. First of all, monetary unification creates increasing heterogeneity in the countries and regions that form the currency area, because it enables production specialisation; the heterogeneity is not caused solely by bad econo...
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