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Wed, June 29, 2022 | 22:36
GMAT exercise
●Question 1. Sentence Correction
’US is becoming more like Japan’
The United States currently displays the same characteristics as Japan did in the second half of the 1990s and which paved the way for 15 years of sluggish growth and a deflationary equilibrium in Japan: need for the private sector to deleverage - while it was difficult to deleverage due to the weak growth and the fall in asset prices; inefficient monetary policy despite zero...
Risk of inverted KTB yield curve
Korea is a good example of bond yield convergence in Asia. The gap between long-term Korea Treasury Bond (KTB) yields and U.S. Treasury yields has narrowed since the 1997 Asian crisis. The gap has widened since 2008 but remains much smaller than pre-1997. We see three underlying factors for this.
On path to more stable stock market
The Korean stock market indices showed a rapid decline in recent weeks, with the main KOSPI index retreating almost 20 percent from its peak, shaken by unfavorable external conditions including the U.S. credit rating downgrade and concerns that a double dip recession may be lurking around the corner.
No privilege for in-house counsel?
As most of you are aware, document discovery in litigation/arbitration is much broader in common law countries like the U.S. and the U.K. than countries like Korea. However, at the same time, common law countries allow broader privilege protection as well.
’It’s time to pay attention to littering’
On the first Saturday of September, throngs of volunteers and their family members from GM Korea, Standard Chartered Cheil Bank, Battelle Korea, Seocho City and Invest Korea picked up trash for two hours around the on- and off-ramps of Yangjae Interchange.
Think differently!
Instant noodles in clear soup are enjoying tremendous popularity throughout the country, changing the landscape of the local ramen market that had long been dominated by those in red colored soup.
GMAT Exercise - 11
Last year, land values in most parts of the pinelands rose almost so fast, and in some parts even faster than what they did outside the pinelands.
Don’t shoot the messenger: It’s not SandP’s fault
One of the most talked about news events last month was the downgrading of U.S. Treasury debt from the coveted AAA rating to AA+ by Standard and Poor’s (S&P’s).This has caused a lot of controversy in the U.S. and throughout the world as much of the U.S. debt is held by foreign investors. Obviously, the Obama Administration lambasted S&P’s for the downgrade; but this would be ...
The debt and deleveraging drag
The global financial turmoil of the last month has demonstrated that we are not yet back to “normal” after the crisis. Indeed, global debt levels and the deleveraging process will be a drag on Korean and global growth until at least 2015.
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