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Wed, June 29, 2022 | 22:11
Product placement in full swing
In the recent popular TV drama, “The Scent of a Woman,” the female protagonist, Yeon-jae, played by Kim Suna, answers her smartphone and viewers may wonder which model it is.
From copier maker to document consultant
In today’s climate of economic slump, corporations are more and more interested than ever in every way to reduce costs while improving productivity.
Coordination is key for insurance consumers
How do we create an environment where consumers receive the best information and the best options when they make insurance and investment decisions? There are three institutions that can help.
Behind Eurozone debt problems
The sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, which began in Greece in 2009 and has since engulfed other countries including Ireland and Portugal, has in recent weeks emerged as a major risk threatening the world economy.
’More FDI needed for young job seekers’
The stories are many. Scores of college students living on the outskirts of Seoul were rescued from pyramid scheme.
Time for cooperation in economic policy
The time has come for policymakers to display their political skills. The present phase of the global financial crisis cannot be overcome without a truly cooperative, coordinated set of policies around the world.
Dreaming of Siberian pipeline
A vast horizon of birch trees, uncultivated hilly green fields and winding rivers stretched endlessly before me while I traveled on the Siberian railway from Vladivostok to Irkutsk in August. My three nights and four days in Siberia ended up becoming one of my most memorable summer quasi-vacations.
’It’s a good time to be an office occupier in Seoul’
The Seoul office market is certainly drawing attention for the unprecedented – as well as the bold timing – of the building boom currently under way. The surge in construction deliveries since the fourth quarter of 2009 has caused availabilities to rise sharply at a time when most markets in Asia Pacific have begun to rebound.
Era of ’design management’
Computer giant Apple had once been on the verge of collapse. With the absence of the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs, who had been ousted from the firm years before due to a clash with then Apple CEO John Sculley, the Silicon Valley-based firm saw its sales plunging from a high of $11 billion in 1995 to $7.1 billion in 1997.
Building mutual trust in hospital alliance
Taiwan Landseed Medical Alliance (TLMA) included eight hospitals, most of which were district ones, located in Taiwan. The hospital alliance was established in 1993 and initially comprised several private hospitals. Despite Taiwan’s continuously changing healthcare policies and the competitive healthcare market, these small- to medium-scale private hospitals had gradually exp...
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