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Wed, June 29, 2022 | 21:45
Economic re-balancing
Rising from the ashes of the Korean War (1950-53), South Korea has undergone remarkable development and growth to become one of the world’s most affluent countries over the last century.
PE bids for Woori are a good thing
June 29, the deadline for bids to acquire Woori Financial Group, slipped by with limited fanfare. Rather than the originally expected mega deals that inspired significant political, regulatory and media debate, what we ultimately observed were bids from three modestly sized domestic private equity funds.
Let Korean dream come true
The National Statistics Office recently reported that the number of prime age workers has decreased for the first time since the first demographic census was taken in 1949.
FSS shares tips with foreign firms
A great soccer game requires a combination of good players, a stadium, spectators and referees. A good game is ensured not by the number of whistles blown but how well referees implement the rules of the game.
Greek crisis not just to hurt Euro
The Euro Zone has been suffering from a severe financial crisis for more than a year. Markets for public debt of the most vulnerable economies (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Belgium) are under more pressure today than during the first week of May 2010, when the problems with Greek sovereign debt became known.
Are we prepared for multipolar world economy?
WASHINGTON, DC – At a time when the global economy is suffering from a crisis of confidence, structural imbalances, and subdued growth prospects, looking ahead ten years to predict the course of development requires careful modeling and something beyond sagacity.
Safe and easy travel with intl payment card
The summer holiday season is fast approaching. As many of us are planning to travel overseas, we may be starting to think about what is needed for our trip. Passport? Done. Swimsuit? Done. Cash? Well…
The Lure of Korea is back!
The IMF recently concluded its annual visit to Seoul and while its recommendation to allow greater exchange rate flexibility received most of the press attention the final paragraph of its concluding statement is worth quoting at some length: “…in light of increasing export-dependence…strengthening the nontradable sector as a second engine of growth is essential…It is importa...
Hard landing global economy?
How suddenly things can turn. Think back to the first quarter. Not only in Asia, but across the world, growth appeared robust. Even the battered US economy was generating a critical amount of jobs. Europe, meanwhile, lead by Germany, was riding high on the back of a rapid rebound in manufacturing. In this region, too, output was soaring, with Korea’s exports continuing to hit...
Spin-offs in full swing
Spin-offs are increasingly gaining attention here as many Korean conglomerates are capitalizing on a break-up strategy in a bid to speed up decision-making processes and boosts revenues.