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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 16:58
Use of plain English can save time and money
By Bahk Eun-ji The Word Centre’s plain English phrase bookDave Fox, director of the Word Centre.Organizations that improve the clarity of their emails, web pages, letters, reports, leaflets and forms can save many millions of won a year by promoting the use of plain English, according to Dave Fox, director of the U.K.’s Word Centre.He said that if those ...
'Proficiency is not beyond reach'
Despite the frenzy for English learning which is the cause of immense investment among Korean parents as well as students, Korea still remains one of the weak nations in English proficiency.
Seoul to fix wrong English signs
The Seoul Metropolitan Government on Tuesday launched a campaign to fix wrong or awkward foreign language signs in the capital.
Prosecution cracks down on corruption in subsidies
The prosecution indicted and detained 127 people Sunday for alleged involvement in corruption or fraud regarding government subsidies. It also charged 3,222 others without detention.
Kia Motors hides industrial accidents most
The Kia Motors plant in Gwangju failed to report the largest number of industrial accidents in the country over the past few years, said the Ministry of Employment and Labor Friday.
Students' rights ordinance upheld
The Supreme Court dismissed Thursday the education ministry’s petition to nullify a students’ rights ordinance passed by the Seoul Metropolitan Council in 2011.
Names of child-abusing nurseries to be disclosed
The government will make public the names of teachers as well as owners of nurseries that are caught abusing children, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said Tuesday.
Schools decry deregulation on construction of hotels
The government’s move to ease rules on building hotels near schools is causing a stir.
Student councils struggle to raise voter turnout
Student councils in universities are struggling to survive as students simply do not participate in voting. Some ivory towers such as Seoul National University (SNU) have introduced electronic voting systems to encourage votes in student body elections to little avail.
Lawyers move to retain bar exam
By Kim Jae-wonThe nation’s biggest lawyers’ lobby group said Wednesday that it filed a petition with the National Assembly calling for it to maintain the current bar exam and eligibility requirements to take it.Under the Lawyers’ Examination Law, the current system will end in 2017; and from 2018, only graduates of law schools will be entitled to take the state-administered exam for a lawyers license.In its petition, the Korean Bar Association (KBA) stressed the current exam provides equal chances to those who cannot afford to pay expensive tuition charged by law schools.&l...
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