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Sat, September 30, 2023 | 14:32
Need for effective online activism
The famous "blue thumb" on Facebook seems to be the key to everything. It has the semblance of making our lives flow perfectly. Participating in social events online is easier than taking part in various offline activities.
App promotes communication
Dave Cho, 29, the CEO of Classting, has developed a mobile application to bridge the gap between teachers, parents and children by way of social networking services (SNS).
30% of teens believe they are 'fat'
Three in 10 middle and high school girls believe they are “fat” and half of them are trying to lose weight, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said Sunday.
Former KT CEO summoned for 3rd time over slush fund
Former KT Chairman and CEO Lee Suk-chae appeared before the prosecution for a third time Thursday to be questioned over allegations of accounting fraud and breach of trust.
Budget reduction for free meals causes dispute
The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE)’s plan to cut 15 to 20 percent of the budget allocated for free school meals next year is causing a dispute.
Railway workers in strike face W8 bil. damage suit
The state-run Korea Railroad Corp (KORAIL) filed a suit against its 186 unionized workers, who lead the protracted strike, alleging it suffered huge losses of 7.7 billion won ($7.27 million).
'Cuts in university student quotas unavoidable'
Education minister pledges to carry through program to restructure colleges
'State may publish history textbooks'
Education Minister Seo Nam-soo said the government’s assumption of full control over the publishing of history textbooks should not be ruled out as options are explored for the overhaul of the current publication system.
State exam operator under fire over hiring of private law firm
The administrator of the state college entrance exam is drawing public criticism for hiring a top-rated private law firm for a legal fight with a group of students over a dispute over the accuracy of a test question.
Fire at apartment kills four in Busan
A mother and her three children were killed in Busan after a fire broke out in their apartment, police said Wednesday.
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