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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 05:43
[Student Corner] Unpaid internships
Many university students are vying to get internships in the fields of their dream jobs, as those with such experience are considered to be more competent and professional.
George Mason Univ. going global
George Mason University will open a campus in Songdo, Incheon, in March to meet strong demand for American higher education.
Homegrown English test to be phased out
The Ministry of Education said Wednesday that it will not hold the National English Ability Test (NEAT) level II and III for middle and high school students this year.
Photographer, Korean Air in copyright dispute
Well-known photographer Michael Kenna has filed a 300-million-won damages suit against Korean Air for alleged copyright infringement.
Another school drops Kyohak history book
Cheongsong High School in North Gyeongsang Province has withdrawn its earlier decision to select Kyhak Publishing’s Korean history textbook Thursday.
War over history continues
The Ministry of Education announced Wednesday that “unfair external pressure” has forced around 20 high schools to overturn their selection of a Korean history textbook which critics say contains content praising former authoritarian leaders.
Anger Sparked over Controversial history book
Several high schools, which chose the controversial Korean history textbook of Kyohak Publishing, have announced the withdrawal of their decision, as parents and students are dead set against it.
25 foreign students do internship for Seoul
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) said Friday that a total of 25 foreigners started a seven-week internship program.
Newspapers useful for English learning
For a teacher like Jung Gui-bae, who is always so keen on coming up with innovative teaching methods, newspapers are definitely a better, if not the best, tool to learn English.
Revision to students' ordinance draws fire
Seoul’s top educator’s directive to rein in students’ rights to choose hairstyles and clothing is causing a stir, throwing schools into confusion.
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