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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 04:39
SNU to re-grade TEPS scores following proctor's mistake
Seoul National University said Wednesday that it will re-grade every score of test-takers who took its Test of English Proficiency (TEPS) on Feb. 9.
Teachers decry 'pre-studying' ban
Many teachers were up in arms Wednesday over a parliamentary bill banning public schools from teaching curricula subjects for subsequent semesters in advance.
Heavy snow, human error cause fatal cave-in
Not only snow but also human error could be behind the collapse of an auditorium at the Mauna Ocean Resort, Monday, that claimed the lives of 10 students and injured over 100 more, according to police Tuesday.
What to do with 'killer tiger'
Staffers at Seoul Grand Park zoo are agonizing over what to do with a three-year-old Siberian tiger which attacked and killed a trainer after escaping from an unlocked cage last November.
Dongguk Univ. president to lead ethics committee
Kim Hee-ok, president of Donggguk University, was elected as the 14th chairman of the Government Public Ethics Committee (GPEC), Thursday.
Park urges steps against 'over-spending on English'
President Park Geun-hye called for the education ministry to come forward with fundamental steps to correct the education environment requiring students to over-study English.
Better education for students
Korean culture, which is traditionally part of Confucian nations in East Asia, always attaches great importance to filial piety and respecting the breadwinners in households.
Teaching Korean music, culture abroad
Members of Korea Arirang Yurangdan (KAYU), a group of young volunteers, are teaching people around the world how to play the nation’s traditional musical instruments, practice calligraphy and understand other elements of Korean culture.
Conflict deepens over ban on English immersion program
Private elementary schools are at loggerheads with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) over a government ban on English immersion programs.
Parents decry ban on study program in US
More than 200 parents of students admitted to U.S. state universities under a disputed “1+3” overseas study program held a protest rally in Seoul Tuesday to urge the government to lift a ban on the program.
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