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Tue, December 12, 2023 | 04:18
One Russian, two Chinese among missing
One Russian and two Korean-Chinese were among those unaccounted for after the Sewol ferry sank off the county’s southwestern coast, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters said Thursday.
Costco Korea loses lawsuit over work hour restrictions
Seoul Administrative Court ruled against Costco Korea, Sunday, in a lawsuit filed against Yeongdeungpo-gu Office which called for the lifting of restrictions on its operating hours.
College restructuring plan sparks students' resistance
Scores of Kyonggi University students stormed into the president’s room at the Suwon campus Friday where top school officials were discussing its recruitment policies for next year. They demanded the university to repeal its plan to close some courses or merge them in line with the education ministry’s college restructuring plan.
Part-time teacher program sparks resistance
The government’s plan to hire part-time teachers is drawing fierce criticism from students of teacher training colleges for elementary school educators.
School dropouts fall on 'reconsideration period'
More than 5,000 students dropped out of school last year at primary and secondary schools in Seoul mainly due to maladjustment or family issues, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) said Tuesday.
Chanel wins copyright suit against use of brand
The Seoul Central District Court has ruled in favor of French luxury brand Chanel in a suit against a local massage parlor in Seoul over the latter’s use of the word “Chanel” in its shop name, court officials said Sunday.
Konkuk law school students protest reduced scholarship
Students of Konkuk University Law School are boycotting classes, demanding that the school’s authorities stop raising tuition fees and cutting its financial aid packages.
Tuition gap widens between private, public kindergartens
Parents paid about 2.3 million won on average annually for their children attending private kindergartens across the nation, the Ministry of Education said Friday. The ministry disclosed tuition and other key information of 8,487 public and private kindergartens nationwide in its 2014 report posted on its online public notice site (
Ministry, publishers clash over prices of textbooks
The Ministry of Education (MOE) ordered publishers to lower the prices of textbooks for primary and secondary schools, Thursday.
Chung-Ang students decry restrictions on scholarship
Students of Chung-Ang University (CAU) are calling on the school to stop refusing to give scholarships to students disciplined for protesting against school policies.
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