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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 19:27
22 indicted over leaking SAT test questions
The prosecution said Sunday that it indicted 22 people for allegedly being involved in leaking questions for a U.S. college admission test and lecturing with the illegally-obtained materials.
English immersion classes pit ministry against parents
The Ministry of Education and private elementary schools are in conflict over an “abrupt” order from the ministry to scrap English immersion curricula that such schools have followed for about 17 years.
StyleWriter helps you write better
Good writing in English is important not only for students but also professional writers. From business email to essay writing at college, clear and concise writing makes a difference.
Ministry to push for college restructuring
The government will evaluate universities nationwide according to a five tier ranking system and forcibly cut student quotas at those rated in the second level and below as part of a drastic restructuring program.
Fewer native English teachers to be hired
Seoul and Gyeonggi Province are reducing the number of native English teachers. Education authorities say they want to replace them with Korean teachers, but some experts doubt this will be effective.
A feminine touch for men's shirts
A designer bets that shirts for men could turn more stylish and appealing to women with a feminine touch.
KT&G CEO accused of breach of trust
Police filed a request with the prosecution Tuesday to investigate KT&G CEO Min Young-jin on charges of breach of trust.
Two men in stabbing rampage in schoolyard
One man died and another sustained serious injuries after they repeatedly stabbed each other during a fight in a schoolyard of an elementary school in Gangnam, southern Seoul, Saturday.
Korea ranks 111th out of 136 in gender equality
The World Economic Forum disclosed Friday the Global Gender Gap Report, which shows that Korea is one of the worst places for women to live in the world.
Massive Edu seeks to improve quality of life
Kang Won-woo, CEO of Massive Edu, has a unique background as a young entrepreneur in the private education sector.
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