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Reporter : Lee Chang-sup
Wed, October 27, 2021 | 16:38
Park to propose `Northeast Asia Peace Pact'
President Park Geun-hye will propose a regional peace pact that includes South and North Korea, China and Japan during her visit to the United States next month. The U.S. may also be invited to join the pact.
Rocha - man who 'bled gasoline'
The story of Sergio Rocha, the CEO of GM Korea, is an interesting human interest drama not just because the Brazilian overcame humble beginnings to reach his current position but because of his devotion to cars.
Actress Kim thrives on plagiarism crisis
Three celebrities were recently caught for plagiarizing their Master’s theses.
Park's worst enemy
What is the biggest enemy that may spoil our new President Park Geun-hye’s governance for the next five years?
We wish ourselves and brand-new President
We are today finishing our 10-part series that contains our wishes for incoming President Park Geun-hye, who will take office Monday.
Reverse role playing
Can North Korea’s young dictator Kim Jong-un handle South Korea’s first woman president-to-be Park Geun-hye?
New Mother figure
When Yook Young-soo, the first lady for President Park Chung-hee and mother of President-elect Park Geun-hye, was killed on Aug. 15, 1974 when the country was celebrating Liberation Day, the nation was sent deep into grief.
We want to see more of you
We want to see more of our leader-to-be as Park Geun-hye has made herself scarce, minimizing public appearances.
Lighten up, Madam!
It is not hard to imagine President-elect Park Geun-hye working under pressure. The presidential election campaign was grueling, requiring her to be a superwoman.
Pampering or disciplining?
If Park Geun-hye and Moon Jae-in appear hard to distinguish over their domestic policy, North Korea’s rocket launch should be something to separate one from the other and help voters determine who they will vote for.
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