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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 13:17
BMW 5 Series GT displays versatility
One of the dilemmas motorists face when buying a new vehicle is whether to choose a sedan or SUV, as they have different values and attractions.
Firms revving up sports marketing
Major Korean companies are ratcheting up their sports marketing efforts by sponsoring upcoming global events in a bid to boost sales and enhance their brand image.
Google fined for info gathering
The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said Tuesday it will fine Google 212 million won ($196,938) for illegally gathering personal data through street imaging technology.
Hanwha Life's cancer insurance gets popular
Cancer insurance policies are popular among the elderly with major and minor insurance firms introducing such products.
Samsung needs 'next big thing'
Samsung Electronics must find the “next big thing” beyond smartphones, market analysts said, Friday. Calls for a portfolio change to cut the firm’s reliance on these came after the electronics giant’s earnings declined in the fourth quarter.
Porsche to unveil 12 new models
The head of Porsche Korea Thursday said that the firm will introduce 12 new models in the first half of this year to boost sales and improve its brand image here.
Minister Hyun under fire for slip of tongue
Deputy Prime Minister and Strategy and Finance Minister Hyun Oh-seok is under fire for a slip of the tongue, in which he gave the impression that customers are partially responsible for the worst-ever leak of their data at three credit card firms. Severe criticism was directed at him after he told reporters Wednesday, “We all agreed to provide our personal information,” when ...
Banks, brokerages also exposed to security risks
Fears over personal-information leaks are spreading as a series of data-leak incidents indicate that financial institutions are vulnerable to information theft and hacking.
6 online malls punished for fraud
The nation’s anti-trust watchdog said Tuesday it will fine six online shopping malls a total of 37 million won for deceiving customers. They are Hyundai H Mall,, 11ST, AK Mall, Auction and GS Shop.
Expat calls card firms 'appalling'
Foreign residents here are expressing their anger and concerns over being kept in the dark on customer protection measures in the worst-ever data leaks at three credit card firms.