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Sat, December 2, 2023 | 14:07
Chrysler 300C AWD is 'big but handy'
The Chrysler 300 is not for young drivers, who may think it simply looks too big. But this is surely the right choice for those who want to own a spacious luxury family sedan at an affordable price.
German brands eye supercar market
Drivers tend to want to own a fast and strong vehicle, and that’s why many spend a lot of money buying a supercar or modifing their automobiles.
Kumho, Yokohama form biz ties
Kumho Tire has formed a strategic partnership with Japanese competitor Yokohama Rubber to develop a next-generation tire, the companyy said Sunday. Kumho Tires and Yokohama Rubber are the world’s No. 12 and No. 8 tire-makers, respectively.
BMW to create new driving culture
BMW Korea pledged Thursday to lead a new automotive culture with the opening of a large-scale driving center this summer on Yeongjong Island off Incheon.
From fencer to insurance agent
There are many insurance sales agents with unique and interesting backgrounds, who believe their previous experiences benefit them. Surely, Jun Jeung-sook, who works for Kyobo Life Insurance’s branch in South Gyeongsang Province, is one of them.
Expat business leaders extol deputy prime minister's briefing
Chiefs of foreign corporations here spoke highly Wednesday of the government’s recent efforts to improve the country’s investment environment.
KT exports security systems to Angloa
Telecommunications giant KT has exported technology used for the nation’s 112 crime reporting centers to Angola, the company said Wednesday.
Kia trapped in growth dilemma
Kia Motors has been trapped in a growth dilemma as its popular K sedan series has suffered a setback in sales due to weak brand power and a lack of new models.
Volvo XC60 designed to be nimble and safe
Swedish automaker Volvo has long been regarded as an icon of safe motoring, with a distinguished brand image. But it seems that the emphasis on strength and safety has also led to the other benefits being overlooked _ Volvos are often underrated in terms of performance and driving comfort.
Carmakers challenging own images
Drivers tend to have stereotype images about automakers and their products. Even major brands are fighting against them and trying to overhaul their images in order to increase sales or enhance brand awareness.